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A year in the making, APLAR 2016 has evolved to become even more wide-ranging in approach and broader in scope in order to bring to our practitioners as well as clinicians and scientists the up-to-the-minute scientific programme of high-level plenaries, interactive symposia, poster and platform opportunities, review courses and workshops you need to stay current.

The importance of APLAR 2016 is highlighted by impressive number of renowned speakers who will be flying into Shanghai from around the world to lead this comprehensive programme and share, discuss, debate and dissect all the significant developments and scientific advancements in the field of rheumatology in the past year.

From 26-29 September, APLAR 2016 will become the region’s rheumatology center, and it is fitting that the congress be held in Shanghai, China’s vibrant political and cultural hub. The full social programme will assure that all delegates have ample time to catch up with colleagues and meet the experts, as well as get the most out of your visit to our fabulous host city.

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